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Friday, April 02, 2010

From Agence France Press

"DUBLIN--The "shameful" clerical sex abuse scandals of the past must be tackled if the Catholic Church is to regain credibility, a top Irish churchman warned Thursday.
Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin told worshippers at Dublin's Pro-Cathedral that "shameful abuse" had taken place and the church's response was "hopelessly inadequate".
"There can be no overlooking the past. There is no short-cut in addressing the past," he said in a special mass during Holy Week."
I expect this Archbishops removal to be announced within the week.  It could be said that he was "called to the Vatican for consultations" ... that might last for 10 years.  There, he might share quarters with former Archbishop Law of Boston who is still hiding out in the Vatican 8 years after his own scandal was revealed. He, though, was not recalled for consultations but was rewarded with a lifetime placement at the center of power.

My nausea and rage simmer.


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