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Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Day

It's a great spring day in Kentucky; I hope it is a great spring day all over.

I would like to get a job like that (former) actor who plods and repeats himself - over and over and over, again - about TDAmeritrade about how it is time "for new thinking, time that things are done better, time for people to no longer have to pay for things that they shouldn't have to pay for."  This is the same person - he used to be a great actor, now he is a slug on a TV show that pretends to show how the justice system works.  He is ALSO the same person who - before the financial collapse - told us how wonderful TDAmeritrade was, and how everyone should invest their money with it.  So, it didn't have new thinking, then, things weren't being done well, and people were having to pay for things they shouldn't have been having to pay for - and TDA was a great company then, and is a great company now - and this guy was a candid, honorable spokesman then, and he still is!  I WANT THAT JOB.  I can be boring and act more serious than I really feel, and pretend to be what I am not (well, I don't really do that very well, but for the right amount of money ...).


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