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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just wondering ...

What if you were "a football family" in Texas, and you named your son "Colt" but he couldn't play worth a damn? He would have to live with that name - and his parents' expectations - for the rest of his life.

On was looking at a news site, and it had a questions, "Were you ever the object of bullying?  If so, tell us about it."  So, I started filling out the answer field - about a specific guy who bullied me throughout grades 4-7 - but I felt so humiliated - STILL - that I couldn't send it in. "What if HE read it, and wrote and harassed me, again?  What if people I know read it and thought I "should just get over it."  So, I erased it and clicked off the site.  This shit goes on and on ... at least, it has for me.


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