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Thursday, April 01, 2010

April 1st

Went to the nearby, tiny outlet mall - really, only 6-8 stores - and bought a wedding/funeral suit for $87.00. There were no buttons on the jacket, but we have buttons and thread.  You probably haven't heard of the Hansen, KY, Outlet Mall.

Pam and I tried to put up an umbrella that she had - Rube Goldberg-like contraption that is supposedly going to shade part of the deck.  Haha! Trying to put it up was like trying to assemble a gag gift ... and then there was the wind! I came back inside.

I was moved by Larry Sabato's distress that a congressional district in New York will go without representation for 8 months.  I've been without Congressional representation for years, now.  I think it's the law in some places. Here, you send a letter - or, actually, I sent a letter to my Congressman asking if he had spoken out against threats Members of Congress; he wrote back, saying that he was glad I supported him in fighting HCR.


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