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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is Morning Edition - oh, no; that's NPR's schtick.

It is a simple matter to make a difference by doing small things ... just do that.

I watch a lot of commercials - why are so many of them dishonest?  Is that who "we" are - people who must be sold stuff we don't need by people who are lying to us?  Is that the "Greatest Country in the World" that politicians are constantly telling us we are?  (And, why, exactly, are they constantly telling us that? What is it about "us" that requires this pounding and pounding of "We are the champions of the world?"  Are Tea Partiers "us?")

Why is it OK for Palin-nut to say, "Lock and load" and "Don't react, RE-LOAD" and then for her/it (maybe she is a robot) to say, "Oh, guys [giggle, wink], you know me; you know I didn't mean ... well, actual guns!  I meant "our vote."  And Michelle Bachmann (who ARE those people who elect her?) says she wants "my constituents to be armed and dangerous" ... and she gets a pass on that??  What if BO said that he wanted "his people" to be armed and dangerous, and had put his friend and neighbor Bill Ayers in charge of arming the folks?  Would he get a pass, or do we just wink at right-wingers who talk about violence?  Can we get any more psycho?


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