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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is this a joke?

 These are goals - goals, not targets, not guarantees - of PepsiCo.  There was no explanation in the press about why it would be so difficult to achieve these goals that they were years away, or what impediments might make them unreachable.

"By 2015 the firm aims to reduce the salt in some of its biggest brands by 25%; by 2020, it hopes to reduce the amount of added sugar in its drinks by 25% and the amount of saturated fat in certain snacks by 15%. Pepsi also recently announced that it would be removing all its sugary drinks from schools around the world by 2012."

Let's see - it might or might not be able to stop pouring from the giant salt shaker BY 2015. It might or might not be able to stop filling up the ladle with sugar BY 2020! And, I guess it would be really hard - maybe not doable - to remove those Pepsi machines from schools in the next 2 and 3/4 years.  Right.  Corporate citizenship.


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