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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to round up the Christians, I guess.

So, we have priests covering up for priests who assaulted-raped-abused-ruined many children, and "Christian" militias - and this one is really weird - who apparently think they are good, law-abiding citizens ... and they want to kill police officers?  Say what? 

So, I say: Round 'em up, un-lock and un-load them, and send them to Gitmo. Be sure and torture them because - Who knows? - they may have information on other groups or planned attacks. Close down all those small churches (madrassas?); close down the huge churches that clearly are sucking the life and money out of the ignorant.  Put all those fancy pope-garments on display in the Smithsonian ... alongside the garments of popular former despots (or would that be, "formerly popular despots?").

Why do all political bullies say that they are "patriots?"  What are "patriots" - only those who like to say "RE-LOAD!"  If a person is born in a place that has a government, is that person somehow obligated to be a patriot - supporting whatever government happens to be in charge?  Is this real?  Is it that simple - support the boss?  Does anyone around here have a brain? "Pledge allegiance to the flag, whatever flag they offer." (Mike and the Mechanics, Silent Running)


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