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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Representation by "honorable" members

I wrote this to our esteemed Senator McConnell today; it seems such a simple question:

"On Face the Nation today, you lamented/wailed/whined about taxes being raised in the Health Care Reform Bill; other times - constantly - you wail about the deficit and how Democratic bills increase the deficit. So, which is it - you want deficit reduction or political points?"

I wonder if the frustration level inherent in our hypocritical politics is greater than in other alleged democracies.

Recently, the World Health Organization ranked quality of health care per country - the U.S. ranked 37th.  Now, people can argue about whether a country is 37th or 33rd or even, say, 28th.  But you can't reasonably (take note, Republicans) argue that a country that is ranked 37th is really 1st; but Repubs continually spout that the U.S. "has the greatest health care system in the world."  So, what do we want - really good, comprehensive health care or not?  If tax increases are part of the package, do we want to cut/eliminate the deficit or do we want to wail and whine about taxes?


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