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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The People's House

Michelle Obama and the now-defrocked Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers, have proclaimed the White House "The People's House."  Why, then, did I not receive an invitation to the State Dinner?  And, whose, if not the people's, money paid for the State Dinner, where various big shots ate and schmoozed for free?  I guess it is The People's House when it comes to paying for the fun.

All administrations talk about cutting waste - how about stopping the practices of putting green dye in the White House fountain on Silly-Saint-Patrick's Day and printing a menu for the White House meals?  Those are small items, for sure; but, if this administration cannot even eliminate waste in these small matters, why should we have confidence that they are truly interested in doing so in larger matters? Barack needs someone who is not awed by the glow of his aura, someone who can sit back on the Oval Office couch with her/his feet on the coffee table, and say, "Barack [not "Mr. President], this is how things look to non-political people. When you ostentatiously roll up your sleeves during a speech, to show that you are going to work, people could rightfully ask why you have not yet been to work.  You say that you are one of the people, but you are always wearing a suit.  You say you are going to do things differently, yet you fly somewhere to give campaign speeches twice a week." I am on his side, but he isn't hearing enough from outside the Chicago group and the Beltway.

Speaking of waste - do "we" (We the People, of The People's House) really need to be paying a Social Secretary, whose duties include inviting people to an Easter Egg Roll?  Where did that come from?  Some President  (Hayes?) thought that opening the White House grounds to his friends would be a (politically) good idea; so, now we waste money on that every year?  Racing Easter eggs?  How come conservatives have not jumped on this?!

Don't even get me started about our public officials taking time - we have a few problems to work on, right? - to attend St. Patrick's Day events to build their credibility as people who really like Ireland? Say what?


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