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Saturday, March 20, 2010

TDAmeritrade; Public Service; Clerical Sex Abuse

TDAmeritrade is hammering TV viewers with ads telling us that their clients will "no longer" put up with lack of information or hidden fees.  Are they telling us that - before the meltdown in autumn 2008 - TDAmeritrade was failing to provide information but WAS providing hidden fees?  Interesting ad strategy.
When career politicians/office holders announce their retirements, they tell us how they "dedicated" themselves to public service - they never mention how good it felt to have the power, to walk as a big shot in the halls of the Capitol, to have a sure shot at a big-money lobbying or book-writing or radio-talk or academic position immediately after they leave office.
How many more countries will experience priest-sex-abuse scandals? Can you imagine the outrage, and attacks, against Islam if all the clerical sex abuse scandals had been by Muslims?  How long, and against how much evidence, can the Roman Catholic Church retain its existence, its influence and its reputation?


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