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Sunday, August 07, 2005

After writing an email newsletter for several years, I took a break. Now, it is time to move back into discourse about our culture and our world of cultures.

Does it matter if a member of government uses his hidden pulpit to sacrifice a member of any government agency whose task is to attempt to secure the public welfare? I think it matters. Does it matter if apologists and partisans masquerade as journalists, in order to spout their ideologically-based tirades on a populace that expects to read serious discussion and debate about major issues? I think it matters. Does it matter if an administration that claims to believe in democracy actually behaves undemocratically - actually demeans and degrades democracy (with a snort of disgust at the naivete of those who - like our founders - believe that well-informed citizens, not inflamed by dirty tricks and deceptions, will make reasonably sound choices)? I think it matters.

So, this reflects some of what this blog will be centered on, and it reflects the center from which this blog will blossom - or not. Best wishes to all who have good will, and who see public service and public discourse as means of supporting and improving our damaged national ideal of informed citizen consent to their governance - and to the decisions made by those who would govern IN OUR INTERESTS.


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