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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Play "The End" by The Doors

I don't know what will happen Monday or on August 2nd. I believe that no one knows. I also believe that our government is under the control now of a minority of crazies who don't conceive of the catastrophe that they may have put in place. They BELIEVE that god & righteousness are on their side: they don't care about reality - as Bush's group used to disparage us as "the reality-based community." They are zealots & believe they have a calling. Loons and self-deluders have taken countries into the abyss before. Rwanda. The start of World War I. Our Civil War. Hitler & Stalin thinking they could dissect Poland, and nothing further would happen. We are in the hands of fate now.[Note - some Bigs on Wall Street have cashed out - will therefore have cash to buy devalued securities.]


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