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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama, Boehner & Weiner - unilateral war, reflexive obstruction, sex, golf

When I reflect on who has done good and who has done harm, this resolution of Weiner gone, the Tanned One playing 100 rounds of golf per year - while occupying one of the most important positions in [what is laughingly called] "our" government - and "our" Prez doing whatever he wishes militarily leaves me discouraged and disoriented. Does everyone who achieves high office go postal into the ultimate narcissism of sending other people's kids to kill and die? Life must be so different for those who have power, prestige, money - their world IS different. They do what they want. They are driven in limos where they want to go to do what they want. There are red carpets and palm trees and Yes-Men wherever they go to do what they want.

We, as a nation of human beings, did not have a revolution and then write a Constitution in order to elect a king or create an oligarchy. But that's what we have. Weiner is out because he was not tightly enough involved with - or liked within - his party, the disgraceful Democratic Cowardly Wimp Party, which sits in contrast to the Republican Maniacal Know-Nothing Party of Thieves and Liars. Boehner is in because he is a mean-enough obstructionist without ideas or morals, so he is acceptable to his party, despite his own scandals. Obama is in because he was good enough at cynically misleading us credulous sheep who longed for actual change and improvement in the government that the Bushies had left us.



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