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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A few questions -

Why is it that we keep praying for those massacred by the Tucson killer? It is horrible, but they are dead. Wherever they are, that is where they are - these prayers seem to me to be self-soothing, only. How about if we pray for realism in American culture; how about if we pray - for those of us who must pray - for honesty. How about if we acknowledge that 30-bullet clips have no place in hunting and target-shooting? Why is that so fucking difficult?

Why do commentators continue to say that people terribly wounded are fighting for their lives - some are described as "real fighters" and "tough fighters" - when they are in medically-induced comas or under heavy sedation in order that their bodies are not disturbed by wakefulness? I am in awe at the great human being that Congresswoman Giffords seems to be, but it seems patronizing to make these "fighting" declarations about her. We don't have any idea how her recovery will proceed; she had nothing to do with her injury; at this early stage, we cannot know whether she has anything to do with her recovery - why is truth so difficult to say?

How many more commentators, politicians and other citizens are going to say, "Violence is un-American" when ours is one of the most violent countries in the world? How many more are going to say, "This is not who we are?" If this isn't who we are, how come murders - often mass murders - continue to happen? Are Martians coming down and doing these terrible deeds, masquerading as human Americans?

Must we live in a Disneyland of Fairy Godmothers ALL THE TIME? Is this the core of "America's character?"


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