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Friday, January 07, 2011

John Boehner is certainly off to a remarkable start as Speaker.

After years of railing away at Dems, when directly asked what programs he would cut, he could not name one - no, really; he could not name one single program he would like to cut. And we take people like this seriously.

And how about those God-fearing, Constitution-loving right-wingers who were too busy at a fund-raiser IN THE CAPITOL to attend their own swearing-in, so they thought it was sufficient to raise their right hands while facing a TV? Did they turn themselves in to the FBI for raising money in the Capitol, which is against the law? Right. The law is just for us little folks. Elites do what they wish.

Again, remind me ... please ... why do we have troops in 177 countries?

Repetitive, you say? I'll stop asking when we stop being an empire.

[You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.]


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