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Friday, June 11, 2010

What a day of surprises, and it's only 6:23 a.m.!

USC (Ur Sons Collect) has been found to have violated 8,345 provisions of what [pause for hearty laugh!] is known as the Rules of Ethics for Scholar-Athletes - and that only covers the last 4 years.  I guess a certain coach saw this coming and, having gotten all he could out of his 'Scholar-Athletes,' headed for Seattle of the NFL. I am shocked ... shocked that there has been cheatin', going on.

I started my day with a new treat that was exceptionally tasty - Blackberry ... uh, uh, ... not armadillo ... damn, what was that fruit?  (They had a lot of them in the bible.)  POMEGRANATE, that's it - Blackberry-Pomegranate yogurt by Yoplait. Try it.

Headline in USA Today (which I am not making up): "Outcome could rest with key players on the field." (World Cup)  Hmmm, let me see, here - outcome (result) could (might, maybe) rest (be the result of) with (no comment) key players (stars?) on the field (DURING THE GAME, which is when the game is played).  Yes, I suspect the headline-writers got it right.  (With this level of professional output by writers, why is it that I cannot get a job?)

Newberry, South Carolina (near another USC, where another 'great' coach has a way with players) is a lovely little town with its own college - Newberry College, not surprisingly - a neat old opera house which featured Arlo Guthrie, as well as Percy Sledge, a few months ago, and some fine restaurants (so I am told).  I can say from my experience that it has a fine coffee shop-deli-ice cream shop combination that can't be beat (Arlo's words about another restaurant).


  • At 5:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for the kind words....

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger ricksahm said…

    Which particular kind words did you appreciate? I wrote about several things in this post - USC, Newberry, others.
    thanks for writing - I've been down for awhile.


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