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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nice day to be in north central ... well, that would be telling.

Palm trees are a treat for me, wherever I am.

Just had a haircut, and - inevitably - Fox Pretend News was on.  Why does Fox take the position that Israeli stone killers could lawfully (even fairly, justifiably?) drop down onto someone else's boat, in international waters, and kill people? Why does Fox think it is justifiable for Israel to whine that Israel is unfairly catching shit for it?  Normally, Fox, right-wingers, Tee-Pee-ers and lots of other people think that international waters are, in fact, waters in which no government has control - whereas they believe that INSIDE a country's territorial waters, any government (that is not leftist, communist, Muslim, oil-exporting, America-hating) can maim, kill, tear asunder anyone and anything that invades/intrudes inside those sacrosanct territorial waters. How can so much of America be - at the same time - profoundly anti-Semitic and fanatically, murderously pro-Israel?

Israel is a client - we pay it to exist.  Why do we let it control what our government believes, lies about, says it believes, does?  CLIENT - we pay it, in order that it can survive and do stuff for us; what does Israel do for the U.S.?  When does it help us?  What do we get in return for sending huge sums of money to Israel?  Would Israel crash to the ground without our financial support? No. Would it have to spend more of its money on lattes and machine guns? Yes.  Why do we support the fanatical and nutty Netanyahou; what is our purpose?  Is this change we can believe in?


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