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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Once again, I could not make this up.

A U.S. Congressperson, today, said that "if the American people had known that this would be the longest war in American history, there would have been more debate."

I don't really give a fuck what she thinks, but this has got to illustrate intrinsic American exceptionalism at its worst (not to mention American insipidity and stupidity).  Here was the idea: We will go to war in a place we know absolutely nothing about, against people we don't know, with impunity, lack of care and concern, and we will enjoy happy, sleep-filled nights IF. ... IF ... we don't anticipate that this war will be the longest in our history.  Goddamnit - it is amazing how idiotic we are.  I'll only mention that there were lots of us who did know some history and political geography AND WHO SAID "This is a terrible decision; this is a mistake; this will be a disaster," but those in power - and those out of power who are nevertheless in the political elite - didn't listen, didn't care, exposed/expressed the hubristic viewpoint of those who have are "in" but no clue.  For Chrissakes, I said it about the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan in 1979 .... this will be a disaster, their Viet-Nam, and will destroy the Soviet Union.


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