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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frankly, this is all getting old - Palin, Oil, BO, Life

A guy might feel very fortunate to be where I am; maybe I'm missing a gratitude gene, certainly a serenity gene.
Why is it so difficult for our "leaders" to grasp that a basic - the basic - reason that al Qaeda and other Muslims-who-hate-us do so because we (your U.S. military and mine) are in their lands?  Read ... listen- we are in Saudi Arabia, Irag, Afghanistan, Pakistan.  They hate us because we are there; they don't hate us "for our freedoms." That has always been a load of horseshit, but it was a Bush/Cheney load of horseshit.  Did we elect people-for-change who had the same (idiotic, self-deluded, impervious to information) beliefs?  And now we have an Army that is operating unlawfully in a dozen countries (and 165 countries as a lawful empire!), and either a Prez who doesn't know, or can't control the Army, or AGREES that the Army - acting in our names - can and should go where it wants to go, do what it wants to do.
Good grief.


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