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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Agree w/Craig Crawford's assessment, below

"A defensive, un-authoritative, and equivocal Barack Obama did nothing today to show he's in charge of what appears to be our biggest oil spill in history. He couldn't even answer whether or not he had fired someone.

Today's press conference -- his first since July -- was a time for the President to demonstrate he is on top of the crisis. Despite repeated assertions of control, Obama's awkward demeanor suggested just the opposite. He came across as a beleaguered bureaucrat on damage control."

This reminds me of when the University of Missouri's football team was hostilely bullying and bad-mouthing another team - barking at them - but the Tigers were losing the game badly - it just didn't make sense. It is obvious that there is no federal control over the situation - BP officials routinely order around the "authorities" and ride roughshod over the rights of reporters to see, and report on, the situation.  Yet, here is the Prez declaring that everything is under control (Ghost of Alexander Haig declaring that HE was in charge in the White House after President Reagan was shot!).


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