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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Off to see the wizard, ...

Well, off, anyway.

Delighted to see Senator Arlen Specter lose. What a rat.
Curious about what Rand Paul will do in the general election.
How nice to see reptilian Mitch McConnell's "boy" get CRUSHED by Rand Paul.
And what about Richard Blumenthal saying he served in Viet-Nam when he did not, and instead "served" with the other elite "swells" in a special Marine Reserve unit that did window-dressing in Washington, D.C.? He looks plastic, and it appears that he is.

I am in the South, where I keep getting confused - so many people here hate those who are against the government when it comes to war - calls them traitors and such - yet there are so many Confederate flags here, apparently supporting traitors who joined an army antagonistic to the U.S. Army and fought against them. Very confusing.  And also, those great patriots here are in favor of government acts in war (and in huge expenditures to keep those military bases running and their local economies running) but against government acts of peace and diplomacy.  It's very confusing here.  (Saw a sign on the yard of an old person: NO to government-run health care. The homeowner is on Medicare.)  But, we've had this conversation before.

Had a personal disaster this week, not coping well; blog entries will be short (or missing).


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