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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is it ...

that every successive Administration just HAS to take over more and more power, and do it in secret, expanding "our" military reach over more and more of the world. "Our" - does it feel like "your" military; it doesn't feel like mine. It feels like theirs: the rulers of the empire.  They didn't teach it this way in high school Civics class.

Where, exactly, does this President - or any President - think he gets the authority to make hidden forays into countries with which we have no agreement and no disagreement?  Where in the Constitution does he think he finds justification for invading other countries w/o a Declaration of War - without, even, congressional knowledge that he is sending "your" military in to do his bidding.

Why do we have to ask these questions of each Administration?  Why does the Prez have time to honor Paul McCartney?  He should spend less time on fancy stuff and more time pondering his duties and his Constitutional limitations.  And, he could spend time talking to his daughters about how he got the authority to order the killings of individuals. That might clarify some things for him, when he talks to actual humans, rather than his kowtowing advisors.


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