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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Orleans, again

... and again ...

Reading so much about Rand Paul - why did he think he was ready for this?  Turning down - canceling - Meet the Press ... wow; that is big; what an opportunity to show his stuff, ... if he had any.

And, OIL - it was not small, to begin with; but now BP admits - ADMITS, as though they have not been quite as candid as they should have been - that the spill/gusher/catastrophe is bigger ... a lot bigger ... than they had said.  C'mon, Prez - time to kick some ass; look back at your history books and videotapes of Lyndon Fucking Johnson when he dealt with a natural disaster in the Gulf that affected the very same area.

"When Hurricane Betsy hit New Orleans in ’65, Johnson flew into town and went to a shelter full of people who had been evacuated from Algiers. It was dark inside and people were scared and didn’t know what was going to happen to them. He shined a flashlight in his face and said ‘My name is Lyndon Baines Johnson. I’m your goddamn president and I’m here to tell you my office and the people of the United States are behind you.'" [from Tin Roof Blowdown, by James Lee Burke]

I hear that this spill "has been inconvenient for the President." Goddamnit, this is what being President is about - events that you didn't expect or plan for.  This is not the time - if ever there was the time - for BO to make 2-3 speeches a week, in different parts of the country; this is a time to hunker down and do the work.  Don't put on another show of rolling up your sleeves - stop getting dressed up every day; dress to work, not to look a certain way.  For just one thing, you could order somebody to stop BP from giving orders to deputy sheriffs and cops to keep reporters away from beaches.  Who the hell is BP to order law officers to do anything; who are those cops' bosses to LET BP give those orders. (And where is the Louisiana governor in this?)


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