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Monday, April 12, 2010

Trying to do my civic duty ...

So, I went down to the office of my Congressman - Republican, of course; I live in Kentucky, where people vote against their own interests - and I said "I would like to serve on our local Death Panel. If I give you a campaign contribution, would you please appoint me?"  And his (that's right, there are no Congresswomen in The Blue GrASS State.) "punk staffer" (Boehner's term, not mine) said, "No, you creep-Commie-anarchist-bastard. You know very well that there are no effing Death Panels; that was just for the consumption of the nitwits who vote for us. Get your effing ass out of here, or I'll call the Secret Service. What do you think this is - public property?"

Thank God the Repubs are going to keep us free of tyranny and totalitarianism.


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