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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baseball has begun; it is great to see the Cardinals playing.

But it sucks to see the rookie 3rd-baseman misplay two balls in one inning because his technique and footwork aren't right!  And it was great to see the Cards pitcher strike out a terrific hitter and then see the hitter so enraged at missing an opportunity to drive in some runs - he has heart, and he cares. Yay!

Pam did a lot of yard beautification, and I did a lot of Master's Tournament viewing - nice afternoon!

I read a news commentator today, talking about how he loves Tiger for his golf. There is now so much more to Tiger - scandal, lies, multiple deceptions, entitlement, portraying a good, responsible personality when that was not true - how can anyone just love Tiger, anymore?  It's not just sports for me, and I love sports. could you love Roger Clemens ... Barry Bonds ... Mark McGwire? I can't see it.  I don't expect athletes to be role models, but I expect them to be true to their sports - play the game hard, but right.


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