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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just not getting it about Repugs in New Orleans - why?

Don't these people recognize how they fucked up the economy 2001-2009?  Why/how are they so self-satisfied and triumphant?  Do the imagine that if they regain power they will do any better than they did before? (Reagan = "Deficits don't matter." Passed tax cuts which led to huge deficits. Bush = "Deficits don't matter." Passed tax cuts, and had two unfunded wars and an unfunded Medicare add-on, which led to huge deficits. Now, they are screaming about the deficit???)  What am I missing?

And where - exactly where? - would they cut?  Maybe the highway program in Boehner's district?  How about closing a military base in McConnell's state?  Give us some specifics here ... or would you just rather parade the nitwit and the screamer in front of a huge know-nothing crowd and hear the throng roar?

And, apparently, it is OK - no BFD - for a President to order the killing of an American citizen wherever s/he may be found.

Where is my country?


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