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Monday, April 19, 2010

To continue re trusting govt. -

I have long had my own issues with trusting the government (or respecting it), dating back to the late '60's, when our government was lying to us about the Viet-Nam War and trying to send me to Asia to kill and be killed; when our tax dollars were being used to pay our CIA to spy on us in the U.S. (when it was illegal for the CIA to operate within the U.S., at all); when said CIA people were photographing lawful protesters (including me) and creating files on us that still sit somewhere in D.C. - in other words, when "our" government (didn't seem like mine) was using our money and its enormous resources to harm us, to harm me, to control the people it is supposed to serve. 

So, my gripe at the current people who claim not to trust our government now that we have a President who defines himself as black is, "Why were you not paying attention to illegality that was actually happening, then, and why are you fretting about made-up (e.g., "death panels") and fantastically-projected (e.g., "Obama is going to take our guns away") nightmares? These people like to portray yourselves as realists, whereas liberals (and blacks) supposedly live in a fantasy/romantic world. Get a grip on reality. Cling to your guns, so that you can feel like studly Marlboro men of macho-ness.  Build your walls.  Secede.


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