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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trying not to be shrill

Poll = more than half of Tea Party Nitwits are on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid - against government intrusion into their lives. Geez.

Cardinals game on TV shows lots of empty seats - what gives?  When I managed a small law firm, long ago, we closed the office and everyone who worked there went to every week-day, daytime game. Those were the days. Of course, those were also the days of sunburns!@

If Hillary had been elected, would there be a lot of news of The First Gent visiting with the First Lady of Mexico, or if the Mexican Prez was female, would Michelle be visiting the Mexican First Gent?  I remember Mamie Eisenhower and Pat Nixon - sure glad they didn't do public diplomacy for the U.S. I shuddered when Laura Bush did this - is this a worthwhile use of tax dollars?  Looking at the museum together, and being entertained by school children singing, while being accompanied by lots of aides, Secret Service people, etc.?


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