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Monday, April 19, 2010

Having a lot of trouble understanding ...

... these people who don/t trust the government now - what were they doing during the Bush/Cheney "We deceive you when we wish because we know better - AND ARE BETTER - than you" era? Where were they during the Reagan/Iran-Contra era, the Nixon/criminal era?  Interesting - those were REPUBLICAN eras, so they don't count, apparently.  And these people at Tea Party meetings are saying that the current administration is "a gangster government."  Where were they during the creation of black prisons and secret flights to send people to terroristic countries that our government likes, so that those countries could torture people in our name?  Who the hell are these people, and why didn't they speak up before - when actual crimes were being done in their names?  Oh, we have a black President - could that be part of this?


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