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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is only the beginning, in Arizona.

MaxBlumenthal proposes SB 1071 to authorize local law enforcement to detain Caucasians who may or may not be white collar criminals.
What kind of papers are Navajos supposed to carry? They should be the ones asking "papers please, I was here 1st."
I could tell you about the time I was sitting in the International Arrivals lounge/pen, watching the DEA guys take every single non-white male from the flight, separately, into a room for questioning - when they had finished interrogating those people, they then took me, because they had seen me watching them - 3 hefty govt agents (my tax dollars at work) and me in a tiny room, they disbelieving my story that I had been to Thailand to visit my son, even though I had his birth certificate, showing his mother was Thai.  If anyone thinks there will be less than A WHOLE LOT of rousting of Latinos in Arizona, ....


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