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Sunday, April 25, 2010

the finance sector’s share of domestic corporate profits, never higher than 16 percent until 1986, hit 41 percent in the last decade.

H-m-m-m. Now, I cannot vouch for these figures, but I have heard these, and similar ones relating to only recent years, several times this week. If they are even close to accurate, what does that say about  the productivity of the U.S. economy, the genius of corporate chiefs in the non-financial sector, how much time they spend getting capital into new, efficient and productive enterprises - which was, I thought, the whole purpose of a financial sector - and the societal value of having a financial sector? Are they, as some of them and their fans say, "doing God's work?" Looks like God pays very well, whereas I thought that people who actually do charitable work do it for the benefit of others, not for primarily for their own benefit. Or, does God really care mostly for gargantuan mansions, privilege and private jets?
If the expiration date on the pizza sauce is May 2004, is it too old?

If the expiration date on our current two political parties is the day the Dems took in as much from Wall Street as the Repugnicans, then it appears to be time for them both to be thrown out.


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