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Thursday, April 08, 2010

"National" weather report on any news channel -

Just saw it - 75 seconds on what weather was on East Coast, what weather IS on East Coast, and what weather WILL BE on East Coast - map focusing on East Coast the whole time; then, 15 seconds of weather guy saying "and everything is normal in the rest of the country, altho there might be storms that will delay the Master's."  The map never changed.

I'm sure glad to know how normal the rest of the country is ... and that I live in a part of the country that ... well, just really doesn't count.  I think raving fanatics on the right - Palin, Tea Partiers, black helicopter guys - may see the country in the opposite way to the East Coast elites: the East Coast consists only of D.C. and NYC, and is occupied by latte-drinkers, abortion-seekers and gays. Apparently, they know of no union members or tradesmen there.

How limited we are in our perspectives.


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