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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Morning in America

"In [child's name], we see all our children." -Consoler-in Chief.

Bullshit - I don't see mine. I am sick of politicos telling us what we see, what we feel. When I think of that child - murdered, massacred - I see incomprehensible loss and the ripping of the fabric of hope.

I watched and listened to the memorial service last night, and I am glad I did. I thought Obama's speech was good, not great, and I was moved by hearing the words of Daniel Hernandez. (I was repelled by all the Bible-reading/quoting; that was dissonant to this non-Christian-non-Jew.) I was glad when the throng erupted in applause and cheers, from time to time; I cannot put myself in the place of the people in and of Tucson over these past few days, but I can guess that they needed the relief of feeling some gladness - good for them for having the opportunity to be together, so many of them, and feeling some emotions aside from grief, horror, sadness, anger and outrage.

But I do not see hope, or a rededication to truth, justice and the American way. I see another example of the damage inflicted by the crazies backed by the right wing in its never-ending struggle to subvert the better angels of our culture.

Today, there is a giant American flag hanging from a fire engine outside the funeral church for this slaughtered child - what is the relationship between a slaughtered child and the symbol of the country (that did not keep her safe)? So what if she was born on 9/11/2001? She could have been born on any day. She was slaughtered in her hometown by one of her fellow-citizens. In any world other than our Alice-in-Wonderland America, people would be focusing on helping to minimize the prospect of a repeat of this horror, not focusing on the uplifting spirit of blah, blah, blah - not on (post-massacre) prayer sessions in Congress or condolence books signed by millions, read by no one, while our subservient-to-NRA legislators cower in their weakness and do nothing about 30-bullet clips.

Voice of patronizing TV news anchor reporting "news": "Right now in Tucson, they are unfolding the 9/11 flag - the ONE FLAG that survived the attack on the Twin Towers." To paraphrase Mr. Biden, Big Fucking Deal. How many flags did Gandhi and Buddha wrap themselves in?


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