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Friday, January 14, 2011


Long-time, now deceased, pope - John Paul II - is said to be scheduled to be beatified (question: Why is there  the waiting period - should he be beatified or should he not? Do it or don't do it.) on May 1st. Next step - Sainthood, which I am told, requires proof of several miracles - I'm waiting to learn of his miraculous prevention of all those child molestations and rapes. Or, doesn't that matter?

Hint: Perhaps the church - excuse me, The Church - could spend its top members' time on something of actual value, rather than hocus pocus on "beatification." For example, find out if that really is the signature of the current claimant to the throne on that transfer order of a priest known to have abused children. If it is his - excuse me, His - signature, fucking do something!


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