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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This afternoon at tutoring place

Spent several hours cleaning up hard drives, and doing updates on 15 computers that the kids use.  Some of the computers appear to have never been defragged.  While working on all 15 computers, two kids AND ONE ADULT (??) sat down while I was facing the other way, and started playing games and looking at classic cars - of course, fouling up the defragging. :(
TV commercial for Plavix - If you have a problem with confusion after taking Plavix, call your doctor.  Really, IF YOU ARE CONFUSED?
Dog food commercial - "Hi, my name is Chef Michael."  Right - thoughtful of his parents to have named him "Chef."  Chef Michael goes on to chop lots of meat in front of his dog, and says how much his dog likes watching him chop. 

Who writes this stuff?

And I guess you heard about the new militia in - where else - Oklahoma, a militia to be organized per a clown running for governor to be a bulwark against an overreaching federal government.  Treason, anyone?  If Massachusetts or California had organized such a militia during Bush's reign, can you picture the reaction?


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