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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Jersey Gov. closes restrooms

Gov. Christie orders the closing of restrooms in all non-toll-road rest stops in NJ - "simply can't afford them, anymore."
I ran into a similar situation in a number of states in the past couple of years - and these states say they want tourists!

Bomb attacks on Shiite shrines kill dozens across Iraq

 This goes on and on and reminds me what HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF US DEMONSTRATED AGAINST BEFORE THE WAR: that this was wrong, would be hell, would not work. Later, the powerful people said, "Gee, no one could have foreseen all these problems."  Yes, many of us did, but were ignored.

Our cat captured and brought inside a live baby vole or mole this morning!  Glad it wasn't a snake.

New old trailer/camper is in the driveway, apparently permanently attached to the Santa Fe, which I am unable to unhook. Or drive. Oh well; I didn't need to go anywhere, anyway, and am happy at home.


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