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Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to America -

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld can't even go out in their own backyard: Ron Paul supporters heckled them at CPAC Thursday. Rumsfeld was greeted by boos and then a walkout of many young attendees. Cheney was peppered with taunts of "Where's Bin Laden?" and "draft dodger." Cheney's supporters replied by yelling "shut up" and chanting "USA!" Rumsfeld was presented with the "Defenders of the Constitution Award." [The Daily Beast]

Why does chanting "USA" do/mean anything? Who are these people who believe that shutting up any opposition is the same as winning an argument? Is this what the Founders thought was the purpose of 'free speech?'

And, Rumsfeld receiving the "Defenders of the Constitution Aware" - who ARE these people? The Constitution means nothing to them but a chant - "Ommmmmm."

Egypt seems to have made progress; we are withering.  Defenders of the Const., my ass. Say anything you want, distort its meaning; after awhile, people will be believe it. This is a symptom of totalitarianism.[1984]


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