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Monday, January 17, 2011

I remember -

--TIME Man of the Year, 1963, "America's Gandhi": "King ... has an indescribable capacity for empathy that is the touchstone of leadership. By deed and by preachment, he has stirred in his people a Christian forbearance that nourishes hope and smothers injustice. Says Atlanta's Negro Minister Ralph D. Abernathy, whom King calls 'my dearest friend and cellmate': 'The people make Dr. King great. He articulates the longings, the hopes, the aspirations of his people in a most earnest and profound manner. He is a humble man, down to earth, honest. He has proved his commitment to Judaeo-Christian ideals. He seeks to save the nation and its soul, not just the Negro.'" See the cover http://bit.ly/h8RVSc Read the story http://bit.ly/fOy6eV


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