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Monday, December 20, 2010

It is worse than I thought -

78 Percent of Americans Doubt Evolution

President Obama’s new science guidelines couldn’t come soon enough: A new Gallup poll shows 78 percent of Americans doubt the traditional scientific view of evolution: 40 percent of Americans believe that God created mankind 10,000 years ago; another 38 percent believe in intelligent design. Just 16 percent, meanwhile, believe in the scientific view of “secular evolution”—though that’s up from a mere 9 percent in 1982. [Gallup]
U.S. Collecting Data on Citizens

Advertisers aren't the only ones looking to track your movements: The United States is collecting, storing, and analyzing data on thousands of American citizens, even though many of them are accused of no wrongdoing. According to The Washington Post, the government is trying to build an intelligence apparatus where every state and local law enforcement agency feeds its information to the FBI. Many of these techniques were originally developed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan; the database is made up of people who local police officers or citizens believe have acted suspiciously. [Washington Post]


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