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Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day

There really is nothing like baseball. Yay for Opening Day.
How fortunate we Cardinals fans are that Albert Pujols is a Cardinal. You can look back a long way and not find anyone who was better, ... if you ever can find anyone who was better.

And The Tigerino - he answered some tough questions, but he deflected others with what seemed to be disdain, and ... [wait for it] ... ENTITLEMENT, which was just what he said had been his attitude towards his misbehavior.

When asked about the two toughest parts of his last five months, he did NOT say anything about his marriage, or talking with his wife.

He veered away from the question about whether his wife agreed that he should resume golf this week (she is not attending) after talking about how important his marriage is to him.  So, I guess we will see.

Given my own past of misbehavior, I know how hard it is to change, to make amends, to be humble.  He's got a lot of work ahead of him, and I hope he can do the work.  It would probably be easier for him to do the work if he had a lot less money.  To paraphrase from Tiger's words in February, I, too, have worked hard all my life and think I might be entitled to his money - which would help him by taking away his shield.!


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