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Friday, March 26, 2010

More on the detestable Cantor

He is moving into the category "cretinous" formerly occupied alone by Saxby Chambliss.

It now has become known that (1) Richmond police have determined that the shot was fired into the air and hit a window in a building on its way down; it was not fired at the building; (2) the window, office and building did not have a sign that indicated any connection with Cantor; (3) the window was in an office occupied by someone else - never by Cantor; (4) the building contains an office that is sometimes - not currently - occupied by people doing fund-raising for Cantor; and (5) the building is not located in Cantor's congressional district (so, it is unlikely that an anti-Cantor gunman would have sought out this building, even if Nos. 1-4 were not applicable).

Yet, Fox Pretend News and Repug leaders are still going with this story. And we wonder why we have so much disturbance and distrust and incivility in our public affairs.


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