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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cat on My Lap

Trying not to have flashbacks - Palin and McCain (whatever may be left of "the real" John McCain) sharing a stage to try to salvage his career in Arizona. Is it conceivable that he could lose his seat in the primary election?

MSNBC reported that our esteemed idiot ... I mean, Senator (McConnell - we also have the universally-not-esteemed Bunning) has applied for stimulus funds (remember, Repugs were and are against the stimulus act) to regrade bike paths in a park in the Bluegrass State!  If we didn't have hypocrisy, we wouldn't have any Repug politics.  (David Frum lost his "scholar" job at American Enterprise Institute yesterday because he actually had the nerve to blame Repug strategy (and its strategists) for the failure of the Repugs on the Health Care Reform Act.  The same day, AEI then hired noted ideologue Jonah Goldberg to be a new "scholar" at the "Institute.")


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