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Thursday, December 02, 2010


1. Bush Tax Cuts were enacted (a) temporarily [10 years, then sunset] (b) by Republicans (c) via reconciliation and (d) by a vote of 51-50 in the Senate, with V-P Cheney casting the deciding vote.
2. Now, Republicans say that (a) it would be a tax increase NOT to extend temporary tax cuts that they enacted as temporary and (b) they will filibuster any effort [so that it will take 60 Senate votes] to grant equivalent tax cuts on the first $250,000.00 of income, starting on January 1st.
So, It was OK to pass by reconciliation a drastic change in the tax code, and it was OK to make it temporary; but when they screech about balancing the budget, they will require that 60 votes, rather than 51, be acquired in order to pass a continuation of tax cuts for everyone, WHILE blaming this problem on the Democrats - YET THE DEMS CANNOT GET IT TOGETHER SUFFICIENTLY TO BLOW THE REPUBLICANS' COVER!
3. Fail. Pathetic.


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